Bethesda teases Starfield and its branching paths

Bethesda teases Starfield and its branching paths

Bethesda teases Starfield and its branching paths


Another Starfield nugget has made its way into the world. Bethesda seems to be hinting that there will be factions in the game and multiple paths.

You won’t have been surprised to learn that the file size will be large. It may come as a surprise to some that only 10 percent of the planets contain any signs of life. There’s still plenty to explore on the other 900 planets, which will contain valuable resources. is a huge in the game, and New Atlantis represents Bethesda’s largest ever city. You can pre-download the game if you are an Xbox Game Pass member. We’re now learning more about the possible factions in Starfield and their branching paths.

has pointed out that Inverse posted three animated shorts by Bethesda, each of which seems to point towards a distinct branching in-game path. Let’s begin with Surpra Et Ultra which means above and beyond in Latin. This short film follows a young man as he arrives in New Atlantis, which is, for those who don’t already know, the home of the Vanguards. The Vanguards is a major Starfield faction and a branch of United Colonies. We see the man become richer as he becomes a coloniser in space after joining the Vanguards.

The next story is Hope’s Foundation. Vanna is a young mechanic orphan who hopes to be like her parents. Her parents used to be mech-pilots. Vanna embarks on an adventure to locate a specific repair part.

The hand that feeds takes place in Neon where two thieves live and work. They meet an official of Ryujin industries in the movie. The two decide to use the official’s position as leverage.

In all three movies, we can see the Vanguards as well Ryujin Industries, with regular people playing the roles of mechanics, thieves, and transport workers. We’ll probably be able, somehow, to embody the roles. On 6 September, we can’t get enough of Starfield.

Bethesda teases Starfield and its branching paths
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