GTA 6 Fan Predictions

GTA 6 Fan Predictions

GTA 6 Fan Predictions


Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, may have disclosed the release date of Grand Theft Auto VI, but fans couldn’t feel more impatient. It’s among the most anticipated games today, with fans constantly looking for new information.

Recent leaks have forced the company to announce the game release date unofficially. The game could launch in 2024, and with the exciting images and videos circulating the internet, fans can’t wait.

Countless theories are flying on forums with many suggestions on how the game could look like. We know that Rockstar has so much money and could do whatever they want, but there’s no harm in speculating.

Here are the top features fans think will be in the new GTA 6.

1. Improved Driving Mechanics

Although dangerous driving is one of the main thrills of GTA5, it’s not quite as refined as it could be. Fans predict that could change in GTA 6. They want car crashes to get more realistic with better graphics.

Rockstar Games could include seatbelts, lockable doors, and working trunks, making the game more interactive. Leaks suggest the company will use AI tools to implement advanced vehicle customization mechanics.

2. Better Casino Minigame Experience

Casino minigames have become synonymous with most video games today. The trend started with GTA 5 and will continue to GTA 6. Gamers should expect minigames like poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette.

Rockstar Games may add poker variants like Texas Hold’em, Partypoker, and Omaha. Casino minigames could help players earn some in-game cash.

Online casino games are growing in popularity which is encouraging gaming producers to incorporate casino themed mini games. The growth of the online casino industry has seen a plethora of casino providers enter the market, as seen on BonusFinder New Zealand, showcasing the best promotions and offers available to casino players.

3. Improved Control Schemes

Fans have been complaining about GTA 5’s control schemes for a while. The game developers must update the control scheme and smoothen out its gameplay. Since many players loved the Red Dead Redemption 2 control scheme, many believe a similar effort is in play.

Rockstar Games will take time to reinvent GTA 6, completely overhauling it from the ground up. If control schemes are the only thing holding Rockstar Games back, they’ll work effortlessly to improve it.

4. VoiceOver Actors and Actresses

After the recent GTA 6 leaks, fans started speculating about the identity of the voice actress for one of the protagonists. Many believe that Alexandra Cristina Echavarr, a singer, voice-over artist, and actress, is the voice behind Lucia.

Other famous actors featured in the game include Ray Liotta, Dennis Hoppa, Michael Madson, and Danny Trejo. You might also find the voices of Samuel L. Jackson and Brian Zampella.

5. Destructible Environments

Fans are waiting for unparalleled levels of chaos in GTA 6. Game leakers suggest that jaw-dropping events like hurricanes and tornadoes will tear through the meticulously crafted game world.

Other gamers suggest that developers will make destructible buildings. One can blow up small buildings, forests, and parks. This will add an extra thrill to the game, making it more fun to destroy things.

6. Improved NPCs

Rockstar Games claims that GTA6 NPCs could behave differently depending on the game environment. NPCs might drive faster during sunny days, whilst other NPCs accelerate slower during rainy days.

The company might add a mixture of characters to make the game more interesting. In Red Redemption 2, players could interact with NPCs. Gamers expect this trend to continue to GTA6.

7. More Interactive Landmarks

Fans believe the locations in the leaked footage are similar to Miami. This means the game is designed in a modern setting with most real-life landmarks.

Although the leaked footage suggests that Vice City will be in the game, fans believe new map locations will be available, including Florida and parts of Cuba.

8. Revamped Online Play

GTA6 might have its GTA Online version or support both online and offline gaming. As 5G grows, developers may consider it. Players might access the game online with no offline access.

The online GTA6 game version will have better graphics and universe compared to the current GTA Online. Fans suggest that it’ll be difficult for multiplayer gamers to play on no dedicated servers.

9. Improved Gameplay

Rockstar Games removed many gameplay elements from the Grand Theft Auto games. Today, the main mechanics of GTA5 are driving and shooting. Game developers have offered hints to suggest improvements in GTA6.

If the gangs resurface in GTA6, players will need extra bonuses that come with taking over gang territories. Raids related to stock markets might return as gamers experience more twists with broken friendships and mended relationships.

10. Female Protagonist

Based on the leaked footage, we might have a female protagonist called Lucia. She’s a gun-wielding Latina, while Jason is a character seen robbing a diner. The pair’s story is influenced by bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

Lucia is a drastic change from past protagonists in the GTA series. She’s part of the reason why many gamers are eagerly waiting for the game’s release.


GTA fans are highly awaiting Grand Theft Auto 6. There has been a lot of speculation circulating the internet, especially after a recent leaked footage regarding the game. If the footage is real, players believe there’s a lot to anticipate in the new game.

GTA 6 Fan Predictions
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