PlayStation Plus subscribers highly recommend this 'phenomenal new' free game
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PlayStation Plus subscribers highly recommend this ‘phenomenal new’ free game

PlayStation Plus subscribers highly recommend this ‘phenomenal new’ free game


Sony PlayStation Plus offers an extensive collection of classic and modern games.

Depending on which tier of PlayStation Plus you choose, there’s something for everyone. From a PS1 Classic like OG Residen Evil: Director’s Cut or a gem from the modern era such as Rift Apart. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find a game you like in the ever-growing library of hundreds.

This week Sony announced its PS Plus Games in August 2023. Included in this tier is the golf sim PGA Tour 23, Dreams and the indie darling Death’s Door.

Redditor meDungeon shared the following: “PlayStation Plus Monthly Games August: PGA Tour 2K23 Dreams and Death’s Door.”

The game Dreams desperately needs players. GuardianOfReason replied: “I also heard great things about death’s door.” Brucepayne66 added, “Death’s Door “Highly recommend it.”

The Reddit thread seems to have been a happy place for those who already play the game, or are brand new.

Dead’s Door has to be one of my favorite indie games. Reddit users said that the combat was tight and the humor well-judged. The music, too, is excellent. It’s an amazing adventure, and I would recommend at least picking up this game.”

In review for Death’s Door we wrote: “Acid Nerve’s excellent combat, combined with striking world design, evokes the best of Zelda, Dark Souls, and a journey which feels genuinely new, if it is not revolutionary.”

the day-one launch of PS Plus was described by some as a “must play” and a “massive victory” for PS Plus subscribers. Subscribers can take part in an preview of the highly anticipated movie.

On Tuesday 1 August, the PlayStation Plus Essential Games for August 2023 are available. The Death’s Door has been released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation Plus subscribers highly recommend this ‘phenomenal new’ free game
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