Nintendo sneaks two Zelda classics onto Switch

Nintendo sneaks two Zelda classics onto Switch

Nintendo sneaks two Zelda classics onto Switch


Nintendo Switch Online now offers two Legend of Zelda titles, which were originally released on the Game Boy Color.

Nintendo has sneakily added two more classic games to Nintendo Switch Online. These are The Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Ages.

If you didn’t know, Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages were two Game Boy Color titles released in 2001. The games are unique because they’re released in tandem, similar to the Pokemon Series, and you can cross-over with one another to unlock additional content.

The two games are similar Zelda titles, with Link on an adventure to save Hyrule from destruction. However, depending on the game, Link is in a different world. The game has you meet two Oracles and use their power to save the respective land.

You can travel back in time with the Harp of Ages. This is similar to Ocarina of Time.

The Rod of Seasons is a powerful tool that allows you to change between the seasons of Summer, Autumn Winter, and Spring. This can be used to open new paths and solve puzzles.

Both games can be enjoyed as standalone adventures, but the true beauty is when they are combined. After beating the first game, a code is given to you that you can use in the second to unlock new endings and story additions. This was a great feature and I’m surprised Nintendo did not try something similar in future games.

The additions are fantastic, and they’ll make it easy to play the games on one system. The classic Zelda games are also available on the subscription service. These include Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time , Majora’s Mask , and Minish Cap.

Anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can play The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons.

Nintendo sneaks two Zelda classics onto Switch
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