Xbox is discontinuing a fan-favourite feature this month.

Xbox is discontinuing a fan-favourite feature this month.

Xbox is discontinuing a fan-favourite feature this month.


Unfortunately, Microsoft recently made it known they plan on closing down Xbox Console Companion app, effectively making Xbox LIVE screenshot importing impossible.

Xbox’ recent decisions have proven controversial. After much anticipation and deliberation, their new homepage user interface finally made an appearance; similar to what PS5 users will experience. Although initially pleasing, many Xbox users found this to be one big advertisement instead of showing personalized categories they have liked before switching them for generic “most-played” lists. Meanwhile, new game releases continue their impressive march toward release; yet controversy abounds regarding Xbox Console Companion app usage and features.

Microsoft announced it is ending support of the Xbox Console Companion app which allowed users to access various Xbox features via PCs. As reported by GameRant, previously Xbox SmartGlass provided connectivity between Xboxes and PCs but after it was discounted in 2016, users began using an alternative called the Xbox app which offered game captures, achievements and community content viewing features.

Microsoft launched an all-new Xbox app (with confusing names, of course) sometime during 2019. Microsoft appears to be working hard on replacing this Companion app as soon as 28 August passes – though its fate remains uncertain for now.

TweakTown reports that this change could become an enormous hassle for users who download game captures on PC via the Xbox App – something the Companion app permits users to do – although no clear solution has yet been provided by Microsoft to address this problem. We shall have to see whether their issue can be rectified.

Xbox is discontinuing a fan-favourite feature this month.
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