Fallout: America Rising is an original story mod.

Fallout: America Rising is an original story mod.

Fallout: America Rising is an original story mod.


Fallout 4 recently received its latest expansion titled Fallout: America Rising, offering new story content, characters, locations and bonus content.

Bethesda modding community stands out as being unparalleled, having produced thousands of mods for several popular titles like Fallout 4, Skyrim Elder Scrolls V: and soon Starfield which promises to be an even larger modder’s playground.

Your questline could involve everything from graphics and performance upgrades, new weapons and gameplay features, or full questlines with original dialogue and activities.

Today we will focus on Fallout: America Rising mod, an additional source of content in Fallout 4, seamlessly integrated into its main campaign.

This includes an original storyline and description that reads as such: “After 200 years in cryogenic storage, your world and those you loved have all changed drastically; all that remains are desolate landscapes where no life exists – only strange people working towards restoring what once was lost? But is all too good to be true?”

Prominent features of Pip-Boy include its seven-quest storyline, two new companions, multiple locations with over 1,000 lines of voiced dialogue, over 60 new characters introduced during gameplay, new radio station with custom skin for your Pip-Boy Pip, random encounters and repeatable quests.

This expansion mod can be accessed by all players from level five onwards; its creator recommends newcomers reach level 10 before beginning their adventure for optimal experience. Furthermore, it offers support for additional mods.

Simply stated, this mod is perfect for players who have become fatigued with Fallout 4’s base game but no longer wish to wait the increasingly lengthy wait for Fallout 5.

Fallout: America Rising can now be downloaded and played directly via NexusMods for PC owners of Fallout 4.

Fallout: America Rising is an original story mod.
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