Batman: The Animated Series has returned.

Batman: The Animated Series has returned.

Batman: The Animated Series has returned.


Batman: The Animated Series will soon make a return, thanks to an Omnibus comic collection continuing the adventures begun in its beloved television show.

Since Batman: The Animated Series ended 25 years ago, many Batman shows have come and gone but none can match its legacy.

Due to its thrilling storylines, timeless art style, and outstanding performances by Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (Joker), it stands as an unparalleled classic dark knight adventure experience.

Batman: The Animated Adventures remains beloved today because of its tone and themes; in comparison to most children’s shows of its time period in the 90s which avoided adult-oriented material like stories or imagery, Batman: The Animated Adventures tackled them head on, leading to some unforgettable storylines and fan favorites like Harley Quinn becoming such fan favorites she became part of DC canon today! Also noteworthy: this show marked Harley’s introduction, who became so beloved after one episode that she stuck around until eventually becoming beloved DC character today!

Since that time, fans of The Batman Adventures had been eagerly awaiting its revival; finally they found it with The Batman Adventures comic book series produced by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini that retains both its unique art style as seen on television as well as character designs similar to what had previously appeared in its animated universe.

Batman Adventures: Vol. 1 collects various releases that were recently made available and will now be collected into an omnibus edition, such as issues #36 through #11 from Batman Adventures as well as Annuals #1 through 2, Holiday Special #1 (Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1), Mad Love #1 from The Batman Adventures series as well as stories from Batman: Black & White Omnibus (stories from #14 through 16 from this volume).

Though not exactly what we wanted, the return is greatly appreciated and hopefully encourages DC to consider an animated reboot of one of Batman’s finest series.

On September 5th this year, DC and likely select retailers will begin selling The Batman Adventures: Vol 1 Omnibus for sale.

Batman: The Animated Series has returned.
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