Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement change splits player opinion

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement change splits player opinion

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement change splits player opinion


Mastering movement mechanics is paramount for becoming an adept Modern Warfare 2 player. Since launch, players loading into action have noticed significantly slower sliding and reaction speeds when engaging the action resulting in less hectic pace of gameplay overall.

Season 5 has officially kicked off and already players are enjoying its offerings: new Operator skins can be unlocked through battle passes while others attempt to master instant dropshot mechanics so as to gain the upper hand during matches.

Recent discussions in the community are centering around movement changes introduced with Season 5 patch notes. While some players seem content with sliding buffs, others worry about potential long-term impacts of them.

Modern Warfare 2 movement change divides players
To demonstrate the scope of Modern Warfare 2’s changes, user TheRealPdGaming posted an example clip to Reddit featuring them using their new FR Avancer assault rifle to move around freely on Reddit.

Given their comments on their post, many players believe the change came about in Season 5 so as to acclimatise players ahead of a forthcoming entry in the series. One user even claimed “This change came early!”

Though many players were satisfied with Modern Warfare 3’s early integration of its expected movement speed, others felt uncomfortable about its increase. According to one player: “(MW3 developers are) softening the blow so MW3 can break cameras and break necks as fast as its sliding speed allows.”

Sledgehammer Games may be applying its movement mechanics from Modern Warfare 2 before unveiling another Warzone experience, though no evidence can back this claim up just yet. With several months left until release date of their next iteration of Warzone experience arrives, plenty of time remains for Sledgehammer to iron out any issues and ensure the highest-quality experience is delivered to consumers.

Players remain unimpressed, one saying it “(is) more spammy movement that sweats will take advantage of… I prefered slower-paced movement.”

With one and a half seasons remaining of Modern Warfare 2, we must wait and see whether further adjustments to movement and sliding speeds become visible in-game. It can often be challenging pleasing all players when making Call of Duty updates; each update may bring different results for different people.

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Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement change splits player opinion
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