Fans agree: PlayStation Plus' free game has been sorely disregarded.

Fans agree: PlayStation Plus’ free game has been sorely disregarded.

Fans agree: PlayStation Plus’ free game has been sorely disregarded.


PlayStation Plus subscribers have taken to discussing an under-appreciated title available in the Extra games catalogue and encouraging others to explore it further.

PlayStation users who subscribe to both Extra and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus have hundreds of free games at their disposal thanks to an ever-expanding Extra game catalogue. While AAA titles like Ghost of Tsushima, God Of War (2018) and Marvel’s Spider-Man may catch your eye initially, there may also be hidden gems waiting to be unearthed if you look hard enough!

Chicken Police- Paint It RED! is one such narrative-driven detective game with a striking art style and captivating narrative arc.

PlayStation Plus makes this type of title much more approachable to potential consumers, encouraging more to give the title a chance and give their feedback about its quality and worthiness.

Reddit user Jamilslibi shared her opinion of this game in her post to Reddit: “Initially when i saw this in the extra catalogue i thought it looked cheap and ugly but decided to give it a chance due to all its positive reviews; its like L.A noire meets Zootopia where all characters are generic but fun”.

“Completed the game in two days), quickly adjusted to its black-and-white filter, quickly got used to generic story points (including detective that overindulges in liquor and mysterious woman in office) but still provided an engaging tale with likeable cast and city that immerses you into its history.”

Other PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers agreed that is being unfairly ignored when compared with smaller titles on the service.

“I gave Chicken Police a go because I needed something fun yet relaxing to play while also relaxing, without needing to react every moment… This game deserves more recognition… Chicken Police is truly great but often gets overlooked!”

“I played it on Luna, it’s ridiculous but fun.

“I played this recently on Extra and found it entertaining as well. With its many animals, the game looked rather amusing so I gave it a go – though its budget limits definitely did limit its potential, I found this enjoyable nonetheless!”

Chicken Police- Paint It Red! is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5 to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers.

Fans agree: PlayStation Plus’ free game has been sorely disregarded.
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