GTA 5 cut content restored through massive mods

GTA 5 cut content restored through massive mods

GTA 5 cut content restored through massive mods


GTA V mod developer Jahd has restored over one hundred audio tracks that Rockstar Games removed prior to final release of GTA V.

GTA V features the perfect soundtrack to enhance any driving adventure; its diverse song selection and entertaining radio station presenters offer endless hours of driving fun and mayhem! To keep things entertaining on Los Santos streets, the radio plays continuously – its songs offer mindless amusement as they provide mindless driving thrills while keeping driving interesting with each new turn of a dial!

Sorry, but the video player failed to load. (Error Code: 101102). Since GTA Online launched back in 2013, its players may well have heard every song and voice line numerous times each throughout both single-player gameplay as well as GTA Online multiplayer mode.

But, what if I told you there’s a mod out there which completely enhances in-game audio?

Restored Beta Songs and Pre-Millennium Radio is a mod created by girlsonfilm that can be freely downloaded via Nexus Mods.

It does exactly as promised: adding over 100 songs and a radio station into the game. While we can’t list every artist that this update brings back into play, some notable additions include Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC and The Clash to name just a few.

Pre-Millennium Radio offers a 76 song tracklist featuring various genres such as rock, pop, rap metal indie.

With no replacement soundtrack available to you, your new playlist won’t take the place of what was there previously; rather, it provides you with an increased playlist to listen to while performing jobs, hunting collectables down or outrunning police for fun.

Enjoy Grand Theft Auto V while it lasts; Rockstar Games should soon provide us with official details regarding Grand Theft Auto VI which promises to outshout its predecessor in terms of size and scale.

Nexus Mods currently provides access to both Restored beta songs and Pre-Millennium Radio, so download now from Nexus!

GTA 5 cut content restored through massive mods
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