Fans agree on one key priority for Hogwarts Legacy DLC to achieve.

Fans agree on one key priority for Hogwarts Legacy DLC to achieve.

Fans agree on one key priority for Hogwarts Legacy DLC to achieve.


Hogwarts Legacy was released this February and many players may already have experienced all that there is to see within. Now fans hope that future DLC will add even more depth and enjoyment for action RPG enthusiasts alike.

At present, Avalanche Software have made no indication that they plan to add any further DLC or content updates for Hogwarts Legacy; yet fans still hold out hope a DLC update could soon arrive; one suggestion on Reddit may provide us with hope!

“After we finish the main story,” suggested Redditor jes12345678, I wish we could switch between seasons after completion of main plotline. Personally I will live permanently in autumn. That would certainly make an exciting feature when planning Yuletide Ball season at School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

“I wanted the ability to change seasons as well,” noted XLordTigerX. “After finishing two weeks after launch and hoping they would add this feature via updates later on – however this appears not be happening any time soon; surely it can’t be too hard?”

There may still be hope, with one caveat. pastadudde revealed there’s a Nexus mod on PC which “allows for this.” He speculated “This may be what Reddit users refer to when discussing season mods”.

“I totally agree! At first I didn’t even notice there were seasons in this game until after purchasing and was thoroughly surprised when the seasons changed – such an awesome detail!” exclaimed axendrale. She later went on to mention how Christmas and Halloween season would make an especially perfect setting in her game world! Personally she prefers living during these festive times the best! However Autumn and Halloween also rank highly.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that developers saw this Reddit thread, but never say never; an upgrade like this would certainly make an excellent free content update!

Fans rejoice as an open world Harry Potter game was recently discovered online and Hogwarts Legacy still reigns supreme as the best-selling title this year so far, even following The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s launch.

Hogwarts Legacy has now arrived on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. After an inexplicable series of delays, its Nintendo Switch release is currently scheduled for 14 November 2023.

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