Red Dead Redemption remake screenshot shatters fans' hearts

Red Dead Redemption remake screenshot shatters fans’ hearts

Red Dead Redemption remake screenshot shatters fans’ hearts


An unexpected Red Dead Redemption remake could have come to fruition much sooner; giving fans of the series hope of what could have been and making recent announcement even more disappointing. A fan-made screenshot shows what could have been in terms of gameplay potential; giving even greater motivation to continue making Red Dead Redemption games themselves instead of waiting on third parties like Rockstar for new releases.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games dealt an unexpected and disappointing blow to many Red Dead Redemption players when it announced that its flagship title will not be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 within this month.

People have speculated for months about whether or not there would be a full remake released for Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms; many leakers even claim it may use the same engine as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Unfortunately, the speculation was far too optimistic and what we got instead was an inferior port without upgrades, multiplayer support or reasonable price point that has caused considerable outrage from many fans of the original title.

Reddit user tamborzd was left lamenting what could have been, posting: “I didn’t want my expectations too high…but man I really wanted this,” along with an altered screenshot depicting one of the initial game’s biggest moments.

We were pleased to see exactly what we wanted: the original game remastered to have identical graphics as its sequel, making the timeline of both titles work seamlessly together.

Commenters were in agreement that Rockstar should make more effort and bring Red Dead Redemption up-to-date, especially given the high likelihood that many would only experience Red Dead Redemption 2.

“Being someone who had yet to experience the first game, this offer seemed too good to be true – even for me!”

“Wait, they aren’t even remastering the graphics??? we put too much faith in this”

“All they require is time before releasing a remake and disappearing”

Who knows? Perhaps after the release of Grand Theft Auto VI Rockstar will give Red Dead Redemption the remake it deserves?

Red Dead Redemption will be back for sale on August 17th for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Red Dead Redemption remake screenshot shatters fans’ hearts
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