Fallout 4 mod significantly shortens loading times.

Fallout 4 mod significantly shortens loading times.

Fallout 4 mod significantly shortens loading times.


There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as finding a mod to enhance the playability of a game, which is why when we found out about a new Fallout 4 mod that reduces loading times by half we were thrilled!

Fallout has given many of us great pleasure throughout its years-long existence, especially when it comes to appreciating life’s finer things – like fan art of Deathclaws (it is admittedly niche). Unfortunately though, Fallout is also known for being notoriously buggy games and there have been complaints of bugs being present when playing it online or via console games.

Fallout 4 players know all too well the frustration associated with long loading times, janky animations and occasional game crashes – until Antonix35 created The Long Loading Times Fix as an essential solution to all their PC woes. Once experienced directly it will quickly become indispensable.

No, this won’t make you indestructible or help you locate Shaun after customising settlements for hours on end, but it will make loading new locations an effortless process.

This mod not only cuts loading times in half when transitioning from one location to the next, it also improves frame rates significantly – an unfathomable feat indeed! It truly makes life better!

Antonix35’s mod isn’t the first time they’ve made life easier in radioactive wastelands – they also created one to enhance running animations!

Before that amazing mod came along, the speed limit in game’s memory was set at 500 and caused characters to run erratically across the screen. Now with it enabled, your character seems more fluid in motion – like gazelles running smoothly across your screen!

If you want the maximum experience from these must-have mods, be sure to explore Fallout: Wilderness as well. Not only does this mod open up new areas to discover, it features music that blends perfectly with this mod as well as unique quests that challenge players as well as brand new NPCs; making this mod nothing short of perfect.

Never say never; with fans making suggestions and discussing changes they would like seen in Fallout 5, mods could represent one of the last vestiges of an age we will soon part ways with – although that timeframe may stretch into years due to Starfield and The Elder Scrolls IV release dates still yet unannounced!

NexusMods for PC players offers the Long Loading Times Fix for Fallout 4, available now to be downloaded immediately from NexusMods and installed immediately in their game.

Fallout 4 mod significantly shortens loading times.
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