Starfield offers three religions and nine factions for people to become members of.

Starfield offers three religions and nine factions for people to become members of.

Starfield offers three religions and nine factions for people to become members of.


Starfield will finally make its debut later this year and fans are getting eagerly anxious as excitement builds for its launch. Fans are keen for more juicy details about this futuristic RPG experience that awaits.

Bethesda fans may recognize this concept from previous Bethesda games such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls; indeed it plays an integral role in their universes as well. Starfield features various religions and factions for you to join; these features have long been present within their universes.

But as Starfield will be Bethesda’s inaugural major RPG on Xbox Series X|S, fans may anticipate more depth and options when selecting how they play it and explore its galaxy. Let’s begin with religions; three will exist throughout Starfield.

Starfield currently recognizes four religions. These are:

Enlightened is Starfield’s answer to Scientology and stands as fierce competition to Sanctum Universum.
Sanctum Universum – Little is known about Sanctum Universum other than they appear to be friendly towards traders, although some claim that as fierce competitors of Enlightened they might not always appear friendly or welcoming.
I initially assumed The Great Serpent might be similar to Slytherin from Harry Potter; however, that turned out not to be the case. If you join this religion and jump regularly enough you will gain health points; otherwise your health points will drop as an effect of not jumping regularly enough.
So far, nine factions have been confirmed for Starfield; though some might not be joinable. These factions include:

Constellation – With roots in Alpha Centauri system, Constellation stands out amongst any of its counterparts and even features its own Collector’s Edition! Constellation may become your starting faction if space exploration is your passion – joinable and highly recommended!
Crimson Fleet – Found within the Kryx system is an unusual group called Crimson Feet which appears to be one of the main factions and appears to be comprised of bandits with malicious intentions. Joinable membership options exist with Crimson Feet.
Ecliptic Mercenaries – While little is known about Ecliptic Mercenaries, they appear to be an organization dedicated to bounty hunting. Unfortunately they cannot be joined.

Freestar Collective – Found within the Cheyenne system, Freestar Collective is one of the biggest factions within the game consisting of loose confederation settlers that is joinable.
House Va’ruun – House Va’ruun can be found within the Sol system and has only limited information known about them; their profile describes them as religious fanaticism zealots who cannot join House Va’ruun as it does not allow membership into it.
Ryujin Industries can be found within the Volii system and offers something of an obscure corporate structure to join. Although difficult, Ryujin Industries might prove worth your while – so join now if selected! Joinable.
Spacers – We know little of their presence or intentions at present. While joinable, Spacers do not seem like an especially dangerous group of space explorers.
United Colonies – Found within Alpha Centauri system, United Colonies is one of the larger factions within this game. If military and politics interest you, United Colonies might just be for you – joinable of course!
XenoFresh Corporation: Another Volii system faction you should know about, the XenFresh Corporation can also be found here and offer fast cash deals without alien Xenomorph invasion – perfect if you’re interested in illicit transactions! Plus it’s joinable.
Starfield will launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on 6 September 2023; preordering either the Premium or Constellation Edition may change your release date to 1 September. It will also make its way onto Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield offers three religions and nine factions for people to become members of.
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