Starfield release coincides with major Xbox Game Pass downgrade.

Starfield release coincides with major Xbox Game Pass downgrade.

Starfield release coincides with major Xbox Game Pass downgrade.


Are we still talking about Starfield right now? Even though its release in September remains some way off, that hasn’t stopped its fans from buzzing with excitement about what lies ahead.

Starfield has taken everyone by surprise this month – from discovering aliens reminiscent of Deathclaws, to offering free downloads for limited periods – but most reactions have been positive. Yet one unexpected setback has presented itself: Xbox Game Pass downgrade.

Once upon a time, new users of Game Pass could try it for $1 for 30 days for just under the cost of coffee! Now they get access to games such as GTA 5, The Cave and Bramble for that entire duration – making for an impressive value proposition indeed!

After an incredible journey, many will look back fondly upon this change to the user trial duration to only 14 days.

One might dismiss two weeks of gaming for such a small price as first world problems, but consider all that amazing content to play within such an arbitrary window of 14 days – any less seems almost insultingly short!

Reddit always reacts strongly when major gaming updates hit, with users sharing both polite disappointment and more heated responses like one who posted: “Well, that’s rather silly”. Many posted simply: “Sh*t just keeps on getting worse… ”

However, while it’s certainly disappointing news, certain Xbox Game Pass users were abusing the system by creating multiple accounts to take advantage of trial periods – leading some people to speculate as to why Xbox has taken action to change rules for trial periods in response.

One Redditor reports having taken advantage of Microsoft’s $1-per-month membership offer: “But I found it most intriguing that they just let this all unfold; whether it is $1 to join or Xbox live Gold conversion – they simply allowed it all to occur!”

However, given Starfield is set for release soon; many gamers who planned on using Game Pass as a trial version now must pay up if they want to continue the game.

Reasons behind Xbox Game Pass’ change remain obscure – whether due to more people opting-in than expected or because Starfield launch looms large on our horizon, whatever they may be, we must accept our fate, while taking solace from knowing we didn’t truly appreciate what was there before it’s taken away from us.

Starfield will become available as of 6 September 2023.

Starfield release coincides with major Xbox Game Pass downgrade.
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