Fans won't be waiting long for Diablo 5.

Fans won’t be waiting long for Diablo 5.

Fans won’t be waiting long for Diablo 5.


Blizzard’s boss has suggested that more sequels will be released.

Diablo III has been the most popular entry to the series, despite its share of controversy and hate.

It has generated millions of dollars in sales since its launch earlier this year. 666 million was made in the first five days. It’s no surprise that it made in just one week as much money as the Diablo mobile spin-off game made in an entire calendar year.

There are still frequent updates to this RPG, which includes patches that have to be reversed in some cases due to player outrage.

It was not without criticism. Most of it came from its creator Blizzard. One complaint was when players began to be banned from using mods which did not violate the anti-cheating policies of the game. Another concern was the sheer number and severity of the bugs and glitches experienced by players since the release. A bug caused a player to lost 173 hours worth of progress.

Recent news has revealed that Diablo 5 will not be too far away.

During a conversation with Blizzard Entertainment’s Mike Ybarra, Ybarra talked about the long wait between Diablo titles. Diablo III released in 2012. It took until 2014 to see the continuation of this game, which marks a gap of over 10 years.

Blizzard is looking to fix this, since Ybarra stated that fans will “no longer have to wait as long between [Diablo] games” and the company is currently working on Diablo 4 and Beyond. This suggests that a new game won’t be ten years away.

It’s likely to be good news for Diablo lovers, but with the many problems Diablo IV faced at launch, some may be skeptical about more games being released in a short timeframe.

Diablo IV can be downloaded on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


Fans won’t be waiting long for Diablo 5.
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