Ludo Money Earning Apps That Are Actually Legit
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Ludo Money Earning Apps That Are Actually Legit


Ludo Money Earning Apps That Are Actually Legit


Are you among the millions of gaming enthusiasts enjoying Ludo? You will be happy to know that playing Ludo is not only for entertainment, but people are earning a side income from Ludo earning applications. Hence, you can turn the thrill of playing Ludo into a side hustle and increase your revenue. Do you crave the excitement of competition and want to earn money? Check out the following Ludo earning applications that are legit and extremely popular.


MPL is India’s go-to gaming platform, and it features the exhilarating game of Ludo. The known board game comes with fun twists on this platform and is a safe and reliable application. You can compete against real opponents online and win cash rewards. The cash prizes can be safely withdrawn using bank transfer, UPI, PayTM, or Amazon Pay. The application runs bonuses, offers, and cashback regularly. You will get a sign-up bonus and a referral bonus. Hence, remember to invite your friends to play Ludo on MPL. On MPL, you can play Ludo variants, such as Ludo Dice, Ludo 2 Dice, and Ludo Win. The game’s crux remains unchanged, but the rules and strategies differ. Remember to read the rules before you click play. Sign up fast and take advantage of the Ludo game PayTM cash opportunity. Rs. 50 will be instantly credited to your account.


Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is another incredible application offering sign-up bonuses. You will even win up to Rs. 100 for each referral. The sign-up bonus can be used to play more Ludo matches on the platform. Alternatively, you can deposit money on this application and earn more significant rewards. In the first instance, players can withdraw Rs. 1 into their account. There are exciting referral code programs that you can take advantage of to take your Ludo playing experience to the next level.

Ludo Ace

Ludo Ace is a gaming application offering several exciting features and offering gamers a chance to play Ludo while earning money. You can log into the app to enjoy a session of Ludo and make real money. The app lets players quickly deposit and withdraw money via bank transfer or UPI. Do you want to earn more? Check out the referral programs. You can convince your friends or acquaintances to join the app. In that case, you will get a commission of Rs. 15. Additionally, 10% is awarded each time a person you have referred recharges their account. With all of these aspects, the chances of your revenue will increase manifold.

Ludo Victor

Ludo Victor lets you earn real money while playing Ludo; hence, the gameplay isn’t easy. Money can be added to your online account, and you can play with friends. If you invite friends and they use your code to join the app, you will receive a referral bonus. If you are a newbie, there are free practice matches where you can learn the skills of playing Ludo. Besides competing against online opponents, you can create private playrooms with your family or friends. The money earned can be instantly and safely withdrawn on the platform. The funds will be credited to UPI cash or your bank account. So, download the app, choose your preferred table, and effortlessly earn money playing your favorite Ludo game. Customer support can be contacted via WhatsApp or email if you need assistance.

4p Ludo Pro

4p Ludo Pro creates opportunities to use your Ludo playing skills, devise strategies and draw reasonable conclusions. You must be alert throughout the matches and always continue practising if you want to go far and win significant cash rewards. This application lets you play with live opponents and win cash rewards. The competition is tough, but if you have what it takes to make it far in this game, download the app and sign up. The app’s interface is intuitive and straightforward. There’s also 24/7 customer support for the best services. You can win several weekly prizes and even participate in monthly contests. Sign-up and referral bonuses are awarded to gaming enthusiasts to help them partake in money-earning contests.

Ludo Sikander

Ludo Sikander is a popular money-earning Ludo application offering real money to compete against real opponents online. You can engage in playing Ludo whenever you want and win Paytm money. However, it is challenging to win the matches because you will be competing against players of varying skills and experience. Hence, a solid strategy and plan are required to beat your opponents, capture their tokens, and race to the finish line as quickly as possible. You can also invite your friends for a match. The app offers 1% lifetime referral revenue for each game your friends play. Hence, convince them to join the app using your referral code. The money will be instantly deposited into your account. Contact their customer support team if you need help or are stuck somewhere.

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire offers incredible opportunities for gaming enthusiasts to win real cash rewards. The application is bug-free, and you can review the players’ reviews to understand how to play the game and improve your chances of revenue. You can create a private room to play with close friends or compete in tournaments to win lucrative cash rewards. You will even receive a sign-up incentive of Rs. 10. Utilize the referral program to earn additional money.


These money-earning Ludo applications are legitimate and the best way to earn money while having fun. So, if you have played Ludo before and are confident in your skills, download these apps. If you are a newbie, the apps have free practice matches to help you become a master.

Ludo Money Earning Apps That Are Actually Legit
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