PlayStation Plus members are already anticipating 18 September

PlayStation Plus members are already anticipating 18 September

PlayStation Plus members are already anticipating 18 September


PlayStation Plus subscribers are preparing to lose access to several great games on the 18th of September, as the service will be getting another shuffle.

If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you’ll soon lose access to eight incredible titles that’ll be ripped from the games catalogue.

Deathloop- A first-person shooter from Arkane Lyon, the studio behind Dishonored. Two rival assassins are stuck in a timeloop and are forced to repeat the same day for eternity. To escape, the player must kill eight targets before the day resets, using trial and error to uncover paths and strategies.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands- Suit up as Ubisoft’s Ghosts, in a mission to dismantle a drug cartel operating in Bolivia. Pick off the powerful leaders of the cartel in an enormous open world, with complete freedom over how you execute your missions.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale- A top-down adventure game that lets you draw your own pictures in a colouring book world, solving puzzles, helping people and changing the world around you.

Watch Dogs- Take control of hacker Aiden Pearce on the hunt to avenge the death of his niece. Players can hack into the city’s network and use its technology to track and take down criminals, as well as evade police.

Watch Dogs 2- Play as a new protagonist Marcus Holloway, who teams up with the hacker group Dedsec, to expose and bring down corrupt corporations attempting to use technology to control the masses.

Nidhogg 2- Nidhogg 2 is an indie-game that expands on its predecessor with new customisation options for your character, new weapons and more chaotic, violent mayhem.

Through the Darkest of Times- An indie strategy game that sees players attempt to survive the horrors of Nazi Germany as a leader of a resistance group.

Death end re;Quest 2- A visual novel RPG that sees a girl investigating a mountain town in order to find her sister. Instead, she finds secrets, monsters and other horrors.

And that’s it, eight PlayStation Plus games you should play before they’re gone for good. Remember, you only have until the 18th of September to play the above titles, after that, you’ll have to buy them separately.


PlayStation Plus members are already anticipating 18 September
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