PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie now

PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie now

PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie now

Swashbuckling fun has never been so easy to enjoy than with the latest PlayStation Plus freebie for Premium users.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is quite the impressive stealth game, combining the glorious chaos of pirating with the immense skill that only comes from exploring the finer details of the ninja. To be able to walk without being seen, your body forever concealed by the shadows you cling to, is a skillset many of us wish we had – I know I do. Yet, in real life, I’m far too clumsy to stealth my way to victory in anything. But in Shadow Gambit, I can imagine what it’s like, executing cleverly thought-out missions with a push of a few buttons. The power I can wield is electrifying.

On Steam the game has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews from those who’ve already taken to the seas, praising the devs for the “passion” they have for the stealth-strategy genre. With so many solid ratings, to see the game’s two hour demo available for free on PS Plus Premium is a sight we won’t soon forget.

For some, the idea of being “pressured” into keeping to a set timeframe can be difficult, as some users pointed out on Reddit. However, two hours is quite a long time to explore exactly what this game has to offer, and for you to ultimately decide if you’d like to play the full game. Should you wish to continue your adventures with the crew, subscribers can purchase the game for a discount until 24 August; the same 10% discount is also available on Steam.

“Everything this developer does is an instant buy for me. It plays very much like Desperados III and Shadow Tactics, but there are some nice innovations to make it way fresher than previous titles. Two hours is enough to get a good first impression of the game,” posted RedditBad4U.

I haven’t personally played this game, but from what I’ve seen in trailers, it does look like a lot of fun – it’s a title I’ll be adding to an ever-growing list of games I need to play. But with so many titles on the cusp of release, like Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 (for PS5), I’m going to need to take several weeks off work to complete said list.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew has a two hour game trial available for PlayStation Plus Premium subs, and is currently on sale to buy until 24 August.


PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie now
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