This download is not recommended for Starfield users

This download is not recommended for Starfield users

This download is not recommended for Starfield users


Starfield Players have been advised to avoid mods that are paid for and only use those from trusted sources.

We are about one week from the launch of Starfield. This game is set to be Bethesda’s biggest yet and Xbox’s most anticipated exclusive in years.

The first impressions of reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive, so fans are eager to get their hands onto the game. It will be available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass as well as PC through Steam.

The mods are a big selling point for the game. Bethesda promised that Starfield would be a modding paradise. This has led many people to think they will be amazed at what the community can come up with.

Future Starfield gamers are warned that some mods will require payment, namely PureDark’s DLSS Mod, which may be behind a paid paywall upon release. GruvisMalt, a Reddit user posted a message to the Starfield subreddit stating “For anyone thinking about buying PureDark’s DLSS Mod at release this is important information.”

A screenshot was posted showing a person who had paid for a Star Wars Jedi Survivor modification from the user. This individual allegedly required extra payment every time the game received an update. The comments were shocked, not only at people who paid for mods, but that users would allegedly use them to defraud consumers.

One comment stated: “This guy went from being adored and revered, to becoming the most hated Modder of all time in just a few days.” “Guys. “Wait for the release of the game before thinking about mods, or even worse thinking about purchasing mods,” another said.

Starfield mods will be something very special. Each planet has limitless possibilities for content, quests, and other features.

Starfield is launching on Xbox and PC 6 September. Early access will allow fans who bought the Constellation Edition to start playing the game as early as 1 September.


This download is not recommended for Starfield users
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