Starfield's last-minute surprise is a hit with fans

Starfield’s last-minute surprise is a hit with fans

Starfield’s last-minute surprise is a hit with fans


The release of Starfield is just two weeks away, and hype has reached a fever pitch.

There’s not much more we can find out about Bethesda ‘s sci-fi rpg, particularly after a recent Starfield direct. Bethesda has found new ways to excite their fans. Not that they need any more, as we’re already excited.

The Gamescom Opening Night Live this past week featured a beautiful live-action trailer, accompanied by an orchestral rendition of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’. The trailer has been so successful that fanatics are calling for the live-action Starfield film or television series. Fans were also treated to a second surprise.

Geoff Keighley of ONL hosted the presentation with Todd Howard, Bethesda’s head of marketing. Inon Zur performed a piano solo for those who were in the audience and live streaming the event.

Starfield has recently gone gold. We can be comforted in the knowledge that it is ready for retail. It’s less comforting to those who have early access codes because the massive game has caused some players to lose whole nights.

Other news is that cancellations of pre-orders have left fans devastated. If they cancel my Constellation Edition there will be hell on earth! Fans say Bethesda “outdone itself” after its 12 month delay.

S. You can’t pre-order the Premium Edition or Constellation edition unless you have. Then your release date will be 1 September. Starfield will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.


Starfield’s last-minute surprise is a hit with fans
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