BioWare's update is bad for Mass Effect 5.

BioWare’s update is bad for Mass Effect 5.


BioWare’s update is bad for Mass Effect 5.


This is not the news that any BioWare fan wanted. The developer will lay off 50 staff. No, they are not going to cancel Dragon Age Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 5.

The next DA game has been kept under wraps, to put it mildly. After a Gamecom 2020 behind-the scenes presentation, all news regarding the title was buried. The only thing we’ve seen is a trailer. It’s alarming that we’re this far along in the development of BioWare and know so little about this game. We’re worried now that we hear there will be changes at the company. Ok, here I am the “we”, I am concerned.


It’s not the first time layoffs have been reported. When BioWare revealed that it would no longer be working on Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic fans of the series knew something was wrong.

Gary McKay, BioWare’s CEO released a announcement on 23 August. In order to continue to grow in an industry which is rapidly changing, BioWare must become a studio that can be more flexible and focused. As part of the transition we will be eliminating 50 positions at BioWare. This is a deeply saddening and humiliating thing to say.

McKay then explained the “long-term” vision of the company, saying that it balances current studio needs – namely, making Dragon Age: Dreadwolf an excellent game – with its future and the success of Mass Effect. Even so, it is never easy when a popular, well-known developer has to lay off staff.

McKay concluded his speech by thanking everyone who has worked at BioWare, past and present, for making it what it is. Also, I want to say thank you for the continued support of our community. “We’re excited to learn more about Dreadwolf and look forward to what the future has in store.”


BioWare’s update is bad for Mass Effect 5.
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