PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie today

PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie today

PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie today


PlayStation Plus keeps giving. As long as you continue to pay your subscription fees.

PlayStation Plus subscribers enjoy a number of advantages, and they’re far more than just the huge library of games available. Since Sony redesigned the PS Plus in 2022 we’ve had three options. Subscribers have the option to choose from PS Essential, PS Extra or PS Premium.

PlayStation Plus The Essential service is the old version of the PlayStation Plus program. It offers the monthly selections as well as extra perks like discounts and bonus DLC. The Extra tier includes everything in Essential but offers a much larger selection of PS5 and PS4 titles. The Premium tier includes everything in the two previous tiers as well as additional PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 classic titles.

PlayStation Premium also offers cloud streaming to its members, and today we’ll be discussing the game trial. PS Plus subscribers can now try out the sci-fi horror Fort Solis developed by Fallen Leaf Studios.

Fort Solis is not an independent game. Its visuals are stunning and its cast of talented actors give it AAA quality. Fort Solis features Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan (from Red Dead Redemption 2), Troy Baker as Joel (from The Last of Us), Julia Brown, who is making her first video game appearance.

The synopsis for the game reads: “Jack (Roger Clark), responding to a strange emergency call, arrives in the desolate and dark Fort Solis.” The storm is approaching and he goes inside the fort to contact someone. The mystery about what happened begins to emerge as the evening grows darker. Events spiral out of hand and escalate. Jack is unable to escape the storm, as it approaches. He tries to survive until dawn arrives.”

You can play Fort Folis for free if you are a PS Plus Premium subscriber. It may not sound like much but, considering that this game costs PS24.99, it is likely to be a short one.

You can collect trophies during the free trial. If you choose to purchase the game, your progress and the trophies will be carried over. S.


PlayStation Plus members can get a freebie today
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