Starfield marks the beginning of a new Xbox era

Starfield marks the beginning of a new Xbox era

Starfield marks the beginning of a new Xbox era


Starfield is a big deal for Xbox, and not only for players who are eager to explore a brand new world. After the failure of Redfall Xbox wants to make exclusive first-party games that Sony and Nintendo will be jealous of. This new RPG may be it.

Although the review embargo isn’t lifting until August 31, leaks have been trickling out. While it is disappointing that late game details have already been posted on the Internet, many fans are satisfied with the information they’ve received so far. Starfield has already become a hit in their eyes.

Jerret west, Xbox, said in an to that “this is the beginning of what will be, I believe, a relay race over a number of years of first-party title.” He continued: “This feels very much like the start of this relay run which is to happen within the next two years.” As a marketer I am super excited. “I think that we’re entering a time where something really exciting is going to happen over the next few years.”

Many positives are already in place. You can forgive gamers who are a bit cautious about their enthusiasm after 2022. Starfieldisn’t out yet and despite sneak previews that have caused fans to be moved as well as the fact that players are already spending nights with the game there is still a lot we don’t know about the IP. Let’s also not forget that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released on the PlayStation 5 in September. Yes, Xbox will get this game eventually, but Starfield will remain its rival.

Since I am a Xbox girl at heart, my hope is that Xbox will finally pull itself together. Bethesda should be releasing a game which is truly the beginning of a brand new era on the Xbox platform. If it’s not, then I am afraid that fans may do more than just review bomb to express their frustration.

Starfieldwill be launched on the 6th of September.


Starfield marks the beginning of a new Xbox era
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