Is Kingdom Hearts 4 Coming to Game Pass?

Is Kingdom Hearts 4 Coming to Game Pass?

Is Kingdom Hearts 4 Coming to Game Pass?


The game was first released on the PS2 and the PS2, The Kingdom Hearts series has had an extremely busy existence, shifting between handhelds and consoles. Sora and her team have been fighting the Heartless across over nine different devices including that of the Xbox One being among them. Although the next installment of the series Kingdom Hearts 4, has not received an official announcement from the Xbox One however, it’s most likely to find its way into Xbox Series X & S. Of course the first Xbox launch will be accompanied by an unavoidable concern: “Is it coming to Game Pass?”

Although we’ve got many months to go before Square Enix releases the start of the “Lost Master” story arc There are clues to help us find an answer to this urgent issue.

Kingdom Hearts 4 on Game Pass

The details about Kingdom Hearts 4 are incredibly thin, there’s not a definitive solution to the question of whether or not it’s going to be available for Game Pass. The past does indicate that it could happen.

The Xbox streaming service has housed numerous acclaimed titles, and Kingdom Hearts 4 joining the game’s library that is constantly changing isn’t too difficult to imagine. Indeed, Kingdom Hearts III joined Game Pass in February 2020 and was on the service for just under two years. It’s highly unlikely Kingdom Hearts 4 will launch Day One on Game Pass however, it’s likely that it’ll eventually find it onto Game Pass’ subscription service.

Square Enix also isn’t a brand new player on games on the Game Pass platform. Together with Kingdom Hearts III, Marvel’s Avengers, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as well as a number of Final Fantasy games have all been featured on Game Pass with their presence.

About Kingdom Hearts 4

The fourth major entry of the Kingdom Hearts series sees the return of Sora as an old teenager encased in the real reality of Quadratum. The city, based on Tokyo it is something completely different to any other city the series has ever seen in the past, and gamers will be spending much of their time in the city. The game would not be Kingdom Hearts without a number of universes based on popular Disney films, however there aren’t any confirmed at this point.

Sora’s two companions, Donald and Goofy, return to help save Sora from Quadratum. Others familiar faces such as Strelitzia of Kingdom Hearts Union X will take part in the latest adventure. the players will see a variety of Disney and Square Enix favorites to join in the adventure.

For him to overcome the Heartless yet again, Sora has access to the classic Keyblade and grappling hook for combat as well as traversal. Commands that react and Keyblade transforms are back, and are accompanied by a brand new building mechanic that isn’t yet fully explored. The brief glimpse of gameplay shown in the trailer that was released to reveal it promises bigger battlegrounds as well as more active combat.

Kingdom Hearts 4 currently has an undetermined release date, although 2025 or 2026 appears likely.

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