Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4 Victory Umbrella Revealed

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4 Victory Umbrella Revealed

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4 Victory Umbrella Revealed


Although it is a game that continuously changes, Fortnite is nothing but an old-fashioned game. Alongside Battle Passes as well as secret skins and updates to maps It is certain every season gives players the opportunity to win a all-new Victory Umbrella entirely for free. It’s official, the Victory Umbrella for Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 4 is out and is one of the best one’s yet.”Let your eyes lead your path.”

Also known as”the Eclipse Brella, the Victory Umbrella to be used in Season 4 in Chapter 4 appears to be connected to the impending eclipse due to The Apparatus that will no doubt pose a threat to the islandit’s all pretty standard Fortnite items, in fact.

How to Unlock the Chapter 4 – Season 4 Victory Umbrella

Like each and every single one launched games, this one too is unique. Victory Umbrella can be earned without cost if you win an event in one of the games’ core modes, including the traditional Battle Royale or in Zero Build or in Solos or Duos, Trios or in Squads.

It is not possible to earn an Eclipse Brella by winning any LTMs or completing Creative maps. It is only unlockable through winning matches when playing in the game mode that is in the core.

If you’re having difficulty earning your Victory Umbrella in Season 4 Bot lobbies will always be the best option. If you’re looking to make it happen more “conventionally,” don’t forget that you’ve got to complete the rest season to earn it. The beginning of the season can be toughest with all types of players resuming the game. Return later in case the fight seems enough.

If you’ve won a game in the core mode you’ll be able put your Victory Umbrella to your locker after returning into the lobby.

Do You Need the Battle Pass to Unlock the Victory Umbrella?

Each Victory Umbrella is free to get and users do not require purchasing an Battle Pass to unlock it.

Fortnite is available for free play on PC through Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as Android.

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4 Victory Umbrella Revealed
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