PlayStation Plus price hike quietly revealed by Sony

PlayStation Plus price hike quietly revealed by Sony


PlayStation Plus price hike quietly revealed by Sony


This is the time of year again. PlayStation is announcing the next batch of games that are free for September. Then, they subtly revealed the possibility of a jolly price hike for their subscription.

The most recent announcement informed gamers of the fact that Saints Row (2022), Black Desert -Traveler Edition as well and Generation Zero will be included as the three titles that are free for PlayStation Plus Essential Plus, Extra, and Premium levels.

The announcement was made via the PlayStation’s official channels on social media. The announcement connected to a blog post explaining the new update.

Although the latest games certainly merit talking about, avid gamers may be able to spot a jolly piece of information hidden near the bottom of the post. It’s true that all PlayStation Plus tiers will be increasing in price.


The post reads: “We also wanted to inform you that beginning the 6th of September, we’ll increase the cost of PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions globally for every benefit plan. This adjustment in price will allow us to keep delivering high-quality games and additional benefits to the PlayStation Plus subscription service. ”

New prices will be the following:

Essential 12-Month Subscription- $79.99, 71,99 Euro, 59.99 GBP.

Extra 12-Month Subscription- 134.99 USD, 125,99 Euro, 99.99 GBP

Premium 12-Month Subscription- 159.99 USD, 151,99 Euro, 119.99 GBP.

This is quite a cost difference, but PlayStation hasn’t mentioned the possibility of bonus features being added to the subscription service in order to help offset the cost.

Discounts will be available for people who choose to purchase twelve months of a tier in contrast to customers who opt for monthly payments. The company also stated that people who have already subscribed to a 12-month contract have no “effect until your next renewal date that occurs on or after November 6.”

PlayStation players have been extremely out about their displeasure with this service in the past several months, due primarily to the lack of games offering the games that many wanted to see.

This new round of PlayStation Plus Essential titles lacks the AAA titles that subscribers are waiting for, the cost hike will only serve to be a slap in the face.

PlayStation Plus price hike quietly revealed by Sony
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