Starfield Mods for UI could save your from getting trapped

Starfield Mods for UI could save your from getting trapped in a confusing menu black hole

Starfield Mods for UI could save your from getting trapped in a confusing menu black hole


A majority of the dedicated Bethesda RPG players who have invested hundreds of hours in Skyrim as well as the Fallout 4 game were eagerly awaiting an opportunity to dig in Starfield.

Many of the players who bought an early start to play have many hours into their explorations across the universe. A lot of their time having been made by doing exciting findings, building cool spaceships or introducing themselves to crazy adventures.

The modders have been in the making of an array of amusing changes as well as helpful improvements to the game. If you’re among the numerous players who’ve found it difficult to use the interface in line with your tastes Some modifications are worth looking into.

Have you had any issues how to navigate through Starfield’s UI to date?

The first one is known as the ‘ StarUI Inventory It’s the creation by modder m8r98a4f2. Anyone who has had the pleasure of playing Fallout 4 on PC will most likely have heard of some of their earlier works which is the hugely popular ‘ FallUI’.

The latest version aims to give Starfield’s hordes of interstellar explorationists what the previous mod did for the Commonwealth’s radiation-treated wanderers. It will give an improved and user-friendly interface to interface with their own inventories.

Included among the improvements in quality-of-life that it offers are an improved display design as well as the ability to observe things such as the value, mass, and the damage of the item through customizable columns, as well as a larger scrollbar that should have the ability to reach effortlessly.

as well as a supplier is trading or trading with. This could prove beneficial if, as I am who is constantly lugging around and dumping a lot of looted items or junk in your most recent task.

In addition, some of its choices could be beneficial for those who are looking for accessibility alternatives like the capability to modify the look and dimension of menu fonts and provide an alternative to standard game’s big menu font choice.

But If you’re looking for an easier UI modification for your game, a new mod called ‘ the Compact Inventory UI is one that could be worth a try.

Modified by modder Stentorious who has previously created adjustments for a few the Fallout New Vegas’ best UI overhauls The mod’s focus is on allowing more options to be displayed all at the same time, while preserving the game’s aesthetics for menus.

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Starfield Mods for UI could save your from getting trapped in a confusing menu black hole
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