Fairy Tail: The Grand Magic Games, Explained

Fairy Tail: The Grand Magic Games, Explained

Fairy Tail: The Grand Magic Games, Explained

Tournament archways are an integral part of shonen anime, and showcase the show principal characters as well as their distinct skills via long-haul combat. But, Fairy Tail offers a unique method with only a single tournament arc. It transforms the idea of fighting one-on-one into games that make utilization of magical. The magic-based games are called to be the Grand Magic Games, a event that determines which is the best guild of all Fiore.

The Grand Magic Games were simply an introduction to a more complex plot, the event is of great importance due to the substantial prizes and bragging rights which accompany the prize. Even though they claim that the Grand Magic Games are advertised as being a basic battle among guilds but another motive is behind this massive competition.

History of the Grand Magic Games

Fairy Tail: The Grand Magic Games, Explained

The Grand Magic Games are only an newest addition to Fiore’s Kingdom of Fiore’s cultural scene however, its origins are very much roots in that of the Dragon King Festival. The Dragon King Festival was never really a true festival, it was the result of a battle between humankind and dragons The Grand Magic Games take the similar concept and transform it into a race which decides who’s the best of the best in Fiore with no risk of bloodshed or doom.

Fairy Tail was not revealed at the time when the initial Grand Magic Games took place although it’s probable that it was created by the time-short of seven years that took place on Tenrou Island since the event did not get mentioned until later. Makarov wasn’t aware of the prize of the contest, which means that the idea behind these games came into existence following the loss of the guild’s top members in an incident on Tenrou Island incident. In the absence of Team Natsu and the other members The Fairy Tail guild participated each year in the competition and placed first in every event which led to it becoming the least reputable guild throughout Fiore.

Rules of the Grand Magic Games

As the game is able to be used in many ways, the organisers of the tournament have put in place several guidelines to prevent unacceptable behavior. If a group is caught violating any of these regulations, the team is immediately disqualified from participating in the tournament. Raven Tail was disqualified for an identical reason. This is because it violated the primary rules of not allowing guild masters from playing in tournaments. In addition, to confirm that the participants are members of the guild they’re representing and that they wear the official insignia of the guild they belong to is essential.

Certain rules related to the structure of the event have been formulated to ensure that these guidelines continue to be enforced every year. Because the events are different every year, the rules of every game remain unveiled until it’s time when the competition is scheduled to begin The rules have to be clarified later on players. In addition, no single event will determine who the winners of the competitions, since they Grand Magic Games follow a basis of points. Each event that is won earns you points. The group who has the highest number of points at the conclusion of the tournament is declared to be the winner.

The Games’ Prize

The team that takes home at the Grand Magic Games receives two prizes. First, there is a prize consisting of 3 million pieces of jewelry, given to the Kingdom of Fiore to winners of the competition. Although the worth of Jewels were never explained in the show but 3 million Jewels can be considered significant since Makarov’s sole motive to be a participant at The Grand Magic Games.

The third prize isn’t actually an actual object but it’s a title that identifies the most powerful guild in Fiore. Although this award isn’t much more than bragging privileges, it does help an organization’s image. As guilds get the tasks and missions according to their reputation and being regarded as the Fiore’s best is sure aid in the overall income.

Where do the Grand Magic Games Take Place?

The Grand Magic Games are set in the capital city of Fiore called Crocus. The city comes to life with celebrations and preparations for the competition, even though the actual event will take place at an arena that is located just outside the city. An enormous arena called Domus Flau Domus Flau serves to host the event.

The vast arena is linked to the ground by chains that span four sides and pillars rise from every side, with statues inscribed on their walls. The large space of the arena permits trackways, labyrinths, as well as buildings to appear magically in the arena’s premise.

The True Purpose of the Grand Magic Games

The Grand Magic Games were initially disguised as a competition to decide who was the most powerful guild throughout Fiore. But, it was just an illusion since the main purpose behind the massive gathering was to accumulate sufficient magic energy to trigger an Eclipse Gate. As the games would have participants release an enormous amount of magical energy, Hisui E. Fiore The princess of Fiore was able to use the battles to falsely collect the power.

The purpose was to collect enough energy to power the Eclipse Gate and travel back 400 years in order to defeat each of Zeref as well as Achnologia both of the worst evils that have occurred in this moment in time. Although it was true that the Eclipse Gate was successful in being charged and it was opened with this method Hisui’s scheme didn’t go as planned because the gate let dragons who were in the past to move to the present.

Fairy Tail: The Grand Magic Games, Explained
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