My Hero Academia: Uraraka's Quirk, Explained

My Hero Academia: Uraraka’s Quirk, Explained

My Hero Academia: Uraraka’s Quirk, Explained

Ochaco Uraraka (Hero name: Uravity Quirk: Zero Gravity) One of the principal characters of My Hero Academia whose reasons of becoming heroes not as noble and charitable as one would imagine from a young superhero who is in development. However during times of danger, Uraraka has proven to play a key role in helping to save the lives of many individuals with the help and improvement the Zero Gravity Quirk. Like you’d expect, this Quirk has its flaws or drawbacks. On its surface, it’s got limited use for defence and attack, and the overall inadequacy of female characters of the show as seen Ochaco lose her place in the series several times.

The Final War arc of My Hero Academia has been able to witness a number of heroes in their teens experience a re-awakening of their Quirks, Ochaco included. How does the game of Uravity’s Zero Gravity really work?

The Quirk

My Hero Academia

The Ochaco’s Zero Gravity Quirk is essentially an ability that allows her to thwart the effects of gravity’s pull upon an object she chooses. Even though she’s had the Quirk since her birth, its efficacy was based on her dedication to training in order to increase its effectiveness and minimize disadvantages. This technique is extremely effective however, it makes Ochaco in a state of nausea, and only works only when she is able to touch the target with her breath.

Although there are many offensive options that this type of Quirk can offer the values of Ochaco as a hero are the reason for her refusing to use it in a offensive manner however she is working to master the ability so she is more efficient in saving the lives of those at risk. At the start of the War Arc, Uchaco has the weight limit of 3 tonnes in relation to using the Zero Gravity Quirk, which allows it to be extremely powerful yet, though it’s not without limitations. during The Final War arc, the final conflict with Ochaco as well as Himiko Toga ( Quirk: Transform) results in the emergence in Quirk: Transform, which expands the Zero Gravity Quirk beyond its limit.

Ochaco vs Himiko

The resemblances with Ochako and Himiko were evident from her introduction in the 2nd season of the show As we’ve begun to know more about Himiko the main conceptual conflict she’s a part of has become evident. Her unsettling behavior with fangs and a quirk which requires her to eat the blood of her target so that she can transform into the target Himiko draws heavily on the Yandere archetype. her Quirk a symbol of her fascination and awe at the wonder in the universe. She refers to this as her “love”, and in an odd way the consumption of blood and its subsequent transform is an attempt to transform into the one she is a lover of.

The “love” manifests itself in actions of violence that cause bloodshed, and is for her the ultimate affection. In The My Villain Academia mini-arc, Himiko makes use of Ochaco’s Quirk in the fight against her enemies, the Meta Liberation Army, displaying its terrifying potential when she can suspend a multitude of enemies in the air and lets them sink to the ground and without touching them.

However, Himiko supposedly has feelings of love for Ochaco too which is what led to her defeat. In the course of their fight, Himiko opens up about her history and motivations behind being a part of The League of Villians, seeing this as the sole place that she can be herself without judgement. In the end, Ochaco’s understanding of Himiko and her situation, and his desire to rescue her triggers the emergence the power of Zero Gravity, which now doesn’t require Ochaco to reach her goal and does not be limited to a maximum weight of three tons.

The new version that is part of her Quirk to create clones, which Himiko summoned with Twice’s Quirk, Double; clones who were completely terrorizing warriors on the field, and could not be defeated by a single hero until Ochaco became aware of her abilities. Due to her abilities and newfound powers, Ochaco is now one of the most powerful characters of the series.


Being able to counter the force of a object, Ochaco is also able to alter the shape of an object using a technique that’s in essence the act of telekinesis. Ochaco uses rubble and debris as projectiles, which she uses as weapons by altering their direction and direction, as well as using large objects as weapons to strike. In the course of her training, Ochaco also learns how to reduce the force of the object that she comes close to, and later, re-establish the gravity in a crucial point, allowing her that can cause significant damage.

Following her time in Gunhead, Ochaco is seen making use of the power of Zero Gravity in conjunction with martial arts techniques to smash enemies down to the ground following the process of dragging over her shoulders making one painful attack reverse. This program is referred to Gravity Plus. Like Judo, Gunhead Martial Arts depends on submission holds, parries, and close-range fighting, in addition to quick disarming of an opponent. This is which is particularly important for the fight with Himiko Toga.

My Hero Academia: Uraraka’s Quirk, Explained
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