Hogwarts Legacy fans want remakes
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Hogwarts Legacy fans want remakes of the OG Harry Potter games next

Hogwarts Legacy fans want remakes of the OG Harry Potter games next

Hogwarts Legacy might not be among the most critical success stories of the year however it’s definitely one of the top commercial successes.

Hogwarts Legacy’s revenues exceeded $1 billion earlier in the month of May. presumedly, the figure is only growing from there. It’s important to remember that we’ve already got another Nintendo Switch release to go however gamers are worried over that because of the game’s lack of participation at the most recent Nintendo Direct. It’s still not clear if we’ll play any Switch games – but I’m guessing that many of us would like to see it.

The game has been simplified in order to play on PS4 as well as Xbox One so these simplifications will definitely be enhanced when it comes to the Switch. People who played this game last month however are eagerly awaiting more games, regardless of whether it’s DLC or a new games entirely.While there are many who hope for the sequel to Hogwarts Legacy some players have suggested Avalanche shift their focus to making a remake of the first Harry Potter games.

A Reddit post by user TranceRealisitc said, “How would you think about remakes of the classic Harry Potter games instead of the direct follow-up to Hogwarts Legacy? It is known that a sequel of Hogwarts Legacy will likely be to be in development. Many here believe that it is an extension in the saga from Hogwarts Legacy.

In reality, considering the normal timeline for games’ development this would suggest that the game’s sequel would be launched at some point prior to the launch of the forthcoming remake of Harry Potter. Harry Potter series from HBO. Doesn’t it make sense for Warner Bros to remake the first Harry Potter games instead of an immediate sequel?”

“I’m willing to do anything for you, I’m a fan of that place. I would be horrified to see them being in the same way as the novels, however. Then it would be a fresh experience,” said aggravating-mine-697, while penny_ji added, “I would say yeah to a Harry Potter series, but only if you got to seriously roleplay in it.”

In the majority of cases there was consensus among fans the idea that Hogwarts Legacy offers plenty of excitement to offer. “No I like the flexibility of HL as I do not want to be tied in the story in Harry Potter. I’d like to see more of HL or a different game that goes farther back, perhaps to the days of its founders or the middle age period,” wrote OlympiaShannon.

“I am fed up with the golden trio time period. Legacy feels more like “mine which is what I’d like to see more of.” added alexneverafter. We might get information on the direction of the franchise in the coming The Game Awards.

Hogwarts Legacy fans want remakes of the OG Harry Potter games next
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