Apple A17 Pro introduces hardware Ray Tracing

Apple A17 Pro introduces hardware Ray Tracing

Apple A17 Pro introduces hardware Ray Tracing


The annual event of the year, Apple has updated its line of products again. With the introduction of new processors and phones, Apple is including more options to its offerings. It is the case with iPhone 15 Pro, which is the iPhone 15 Pro which includes the A17 Pro that now upgrades the GPU to incorporate ray-tracing in mobile devices.

With this improvement in hardware and brand new games being released to make use of this. While it’s not a phone platform Apple has promised a increase in gaming performance, and a lot of attention to it since it shows the best games expected to be released on the platform. If you’re wondering about what this is, let us know in case you’re considering what you can buy with this iPhone 15 Pro.

A17 Pro hardware for ray tracing and scaling

It is possible that this brand upgraded hardware to arrive with an iPhone 15 release scheduled for release by September 2023. It comes with a new GPU which can provide up to 20% more speed. However, more important is the introduction of hardware acceleration gives it enhanced performance and appearance as per Apple as shown in the images below.

The Comparison first demonstrates how Ray Tracing can affect the visual appearance of graphics and how it improves your performance. Even on a tiny display, we’re not certain how much you’ll appreciate this feature. However, the hardware acceleration shows it operating with a speed of the rate of 30 FPS instead of the 8 FPS of the software acceleration. This means it’s possible to make use of the feature. Apple is also proud of its extensive App Store as well as gaming ecosystem that offers high-quality games and controller support such as PlayStation’s Dualsense.

This will be useful in the future when new games are out. At the event, a number of important games were unveiled that will be being released for the mobile market. This includes Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding as well as Assassin’s Creed Mirage. They’re not all that easy to use, however they have been improved for the mobile market. The games could be able to rely on MetalFX upgrade that could allow the AAA games to be made available on the mobile. We’ll be curious to find out if it’s worthwhile experiencing.

Apple A17 Pro introduces hardware Ray Tracing
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