Beware about this

Beware about this “failed to generate save game” mistake in Starfield which has players losing hours of progress

Bware about this “failed to generate save game” mistake in Starfield which has players losing hours of progress


Starfield is an excellent game with a lot of glitch-free gameplay at the moment, based on my personal experience. This is quite surprising given that it’s an Bethesda game.

Today, I was thinking about this as I sailed around aboard the vessel I’d designed for two hours. What I didn’t know was that I was going to get hit by the mother of all Starfield bugs. The player must be aware of the “failed to make save game” error within Starfield.

I’ve just have lost 17 hours because of the bug, and I don’t want this to occur to any other person. If you’re here, it’s likely already occurred, and it’s possible that you didn’t do as badly like I am. Perhaps for you, there’s still a chance.

Starfield “Failed to make Save game” problem is costing players hours of work

There’s no doubt that I’m a fool at first, but as soon as I noticed this error show up on my screen, I attempted to save manually by rewriting my save. Actually, I attempted writing many of them in frustration. This is the thing that made me a victim. I hope that this problem can be solved in a subsequent update.

The “Failed to save the game” error that is present in Starfield appears to be impacting Xbox Game Pass versions of the game. It’s not affecting other versions of and it appears like Steam gamers are safe right now.

The error is likely to be a result of a conflict between Xbox server and your local game, for whatever reason, servers decide they’re not going save your game and this is the reason why. Restarting the game can fix the issue. However, in the event that you’ve not saved your game manually in recent times and you’re about to have an enjoyable time playing your most recent game that you didn’t save for.

It’s because Starfield did not create an save game error.There may be a way to save your game, but it’s not likely, since Starfield is, and its Game Pass version, does save your files locally. However, in case the issue is that they do not appear on your screen. The plan is to resolve this issue.

What can you do to correct Starfield’s “Failed to save the game” error
The reason for this error could be in common with permissions on files however they’re not going be able to change their permissions without prompting. If permissions were to be the cause, the issue would be with saving Starfield immediately.

As for my huge balls earlier, the thing that caused my death was when I tried to overwrite saves from the past trying to eliminate the Starfield and was unable to generate an error during the save process. It was an error made by a shrewd man.

If you encounter this error, Do not do anything to overwrite it but most important, avoid panicking. It’s okay to be a bit anxious, as I have, just so long as you do not erase any saved files.

It’s what it appears as when you save every save game In reality, I was Level 25, not 16. The word “fuming” isn’t a proper one.

How do you restore the Starfield saving from the local machine

This fix is from CyborgZ3r0 on Reddit that could turn out to save your life right now. If you’d like to read the entire post, it’s available here.

The first thing you must complete after you’ve managed to keep yourself contained and are ready to save, is create another save file, even if it comes up with a “failed to saving game errors”. Give it a nudge and go to the next screen, which has Starfield still open.

Beware about this “failed to generate save game” mistake in Starfield which has players losing hours of progress
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