Starfield's bestselling UI mod is now available

Starfield’s bestselling UI mod is now available in a sequel that allows you to customize your HUD in totality

Starfield’s bestselling UI mod is now available in a sequel that allows you to customize your HUD in totality


A majority of the dedicated Bethesda players who have invested many hours of their lives in Skyrim as well as the Fallout 4 game could not wait for an opportunity to launch towards Starfield.

Whatever you did, whether you paid early access, or decided to play the game on the 6th of September chances are that if you’ve been able to avoid spending the entire day playing crazy adventures in the adoring Fan it’s likely that you’ve had played through many tasks and created your persona to become a seasoned space explorer.

You may be looking for higher reward from your explorer actions or want to keep NPCs from looking into your heart The game’s modding community has been home to several projects that will enhance your space exploration, including one to be worth looking into for those looking to completely overhaul the look of your HUD.

Are you thinking that the loot menus of Starfield might need an overhaul?

The mod is known as ‘ StarUI HUD and is the brainchild by modder M8R98A4F2. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing Fallout 4 on PC will probably be familiar with the previous work of this modder that is the most-loved ‘ FallUI.’

The latest version is the companion mod to StarUI Inventory”, their hugely-popular modification of the inventory menus in Starfield and currently is the top downloaded and most endorsed mod on the Starfield’s Nexus Mods website.

You may have noticed from their name the latest work of theirs offers several extremely beneficial improvements for the remainder of its HUD. They can be modified in accordance with your individual preferences.

A few examples of this include a brand new Loot-OMeter which “displays the bar beneath your cross-hair, which is filled according to the value in mass for the object you’re looking atthe item]. You can quickly see the value of taking it!”

This is in addition to the updated icons for items and card designs, and its updated looting menus. They are designed to appear less bulky and refined similarly to StarUI Inventory, to make collecting resources, or collecting sellable items during the dungeon quest easier.

In addition, there’s improvements to the quality of life that are designed to help make it more difficult for people to steal objects accidentally, this is great news for individuals who do not expect to deal with an unexpected payday incurred from stealing the wrong vegetable or potato.

This mod allows users to shift the size, hide or alter the color of the HUD’s elements in general and allows you to create your personal configuration, even if the three pre-set choices it offers do not match the preferences of yours.

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Whatever your current status, whether or not you’re having fun with a HUD in green that is evoking wonderful nostalgia from Fallout3-based nostalgia, be sure to keep an eye on us for plenty of helpful guides to the Starfield character, mechanics as well as missions along with announcements on any DLC updates that come out.


Starfield’s bestselling UI mod is now available in a sequel that allows you to customize your HUD in totality
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