Warzone fans send their heartfelt goodbye

Warzone fans send their heartfelt goodbye to Caldera after servers went down

Warzone fans send their heartfelt goodbye to Caldera after servers went down

The very first edition of Warzonemanaged the ability to catch the attention of a slew of gamers as the globe entered lockdown. Verdansk and Caldera established the standard for the Call of Duty Battle Royale games, one which it’s trying to set.

As we get closer to the beginning season 6 Season 6and the possible arrival of a fresh Halloween-themed event the players are still expressing frustration with an absence of goal sightlines as they attempt to get an exit.

As Activision is preparing to turn off the first Warzone servers off Players are sharing stories that they’ve had while immersed in the excitement.

Warzone fans share their memories of Caldera

The 21st of September, 2023, Activision will sunset Warzone Caldera so that studios can concentrate on the next Call of Duty releases, such as Modern Warfare 3. In the days before turning off the switch the game, user DefunctHunk is on Reddit to talk on the experience.

The player added: “Dropping in for a last time. Farewell, WZ1. You provided me with some unforgettable times with these kids even though everything was in chaos.” Others have contacted us by sharing their personal experiences of fond memories from the Pacific island and also in Verdansk. “Opening Verdansk’s Stadium at the time of Verdansk was the moment when Warzone reached its peak. Fans from Rebirth Island and Verdansk, we thank you for helping make Warzone fantastic,” declared one.

There are lots of positive memories associated with Verdansk Some of the participants in this thread seem not to be able to remember Caldera. Some said: “Caldera was nothing but a massive failure. RIP Verdansk, rot in hell Caldera.”

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The new chapter in Warzone is scheduled to start with the release of Modern Warfare 3 later this year. An arsenal of new weapons will be available as well as the highly reported Las Almas map. It will be interesting to determine if this map can live up the initial success of Verdansk.

To learn more about Warzone information, peek at our guides that show the most effective Signal 50 loadout as well as the top SMG for close-quarters combat.

Warzone fans send their heartfelt goodbye to Caldera after servers went down
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