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As A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s new trailer is bringing fans together for a rollercoaster ride in the RDR2-style

As A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s new trailer is bringing fans together for a rollercoaster ride in the RDR2-style

Although it might specialize in showcasing the incredible bond that fists create with characters from criminals in the underworld to real animals, one of most appealing aspects in the Yakuza/Like A dragon collection is the way that its storylines often revolve around profound and emotional stories.

If you believe that his typical method of eliminating Kamurocho of unsavory characters wearing high-end suits may have resulted in more harm than beneficial throughout the years it’s impossible to be a huge fan of the anime without having the love and affection of Kazuma Kiryu.

The classic character of the RGG Studio series has seen a lot throughout his life to get until now, and after a shocking announcement within Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s most recent story trailer Fans are ready to be emotionally devastated by the storyline of Kiryu.

What were your thoughts on the massive explosion? Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s latest trailer that dropped on us?

The previous Infinite Wealth trailers have denied Ichiban Kasuga of self-confidence and revealed a glimpse into the relationship of him as well as Kiryu the new trailer made its debut in the last evening’s RGG Like a Dragon Direct with a surprise that’s less optimistic.

About six minutes in at the six minute mark, the official game trailer shows a scene in which is where Kiryu with a new and interesting haircut, telling Kasuga as well as another character about his battle with cancer.

The conflict has been raging in Kiryu’s personal life in the days prior to the commencement of the tournament, as The Dragon of Dojima saying about the battle: “when the doctor found that I was running around with this kind of behavior, he thought I had broke the blood vessel.”

Naturally, the news is causing a lot of reactions from players on Reddit as well, many getting ready to use many tissues as they play while comparing the game with the similarity to Arthur Morgan’s tuberculosis story in Red Dead Redemption 2.

“[Theman’s family is in danger… once more. The family he’s spent the entirety of his life fighting to save is now gone, and the dude has cancer…I really feel sorry for him.” wrote user lostmytrust on one of the threads concerning the news basically summarizing the sentiment of all users.

Many others have been wondering whether the reveal might be a sign that Infinite Wealth ends up being the one that will see Kiryu end up dying, which he’s been near to many times throughout the show, yet has always was able to escape by just a hair. From the discussions there are a lot of people hoping that Kiryu is able to come back and finish his story with a happy ending.

Whatever you’re thinking about praying, that Big Kaz’s tale will end by bringing everyone together in the orphanage. Make sure to keep an eye on us for further coverage of the upcoming game A Dragon: Infinite Wealth in the coming days. the recently scheduled release date on January 26 2024.

As A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s new trailer is bringing fans together for a rollercoaster ride in the RDR2-style
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