PlayStation is to keep its focus on “beautiful and rich narrative” games Sony says.

PlayStation is to keep its focus on “beautiful and rich narrative” games Sony says.

Every system has something that it is a bit more than other platforms. Nintendo is awe-inspiringly creative and always ready to risk its fortunes. Xbox continuously tries for new ways for bringing its games to a wider player. And PlayStation? PlayStation does single-player stories quite like no other.

I’d like to emphasize that Nintendo as well as Xbox have figured out how to play an important single-player game, but PlayStation can get the art of it to this point.

Have a look at this roll-call: Final Of Us. Bloodborne. Marvel’s Spider-Man. God Of War. Ghost Of Tsushima. Horizon Zero Dawn. A stunning lineup. And it’s not even getting to sequels such as the Last Of Us Part II, God Of War Ragnarok,and the forthcoming Spider-Man 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

However, it’s been some time since PlayStation have officially revealed the first single-player game with a story driven by story. Actually, when Spider-Man 2’s release, Spider-Man 2releases next month there’s no indication of when it will be released. We’ve heard that that Marvel’s Wolverineis currently in development however, beyond this? Nothing. That’s enough for us to worry that PlayStation will soon be leaving single-player out.

A recent interview with investors PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan ( via ResetEra) affirms that single-player is an important focus for PlayStation as it moves towards the future.

We’ll continue to release games that have helped us well throughout many time,” Ryan explained in reply to a question on the balance between single-player and live services that we’re aware PlayStation intends to grow to with the purchase from Bungie. “These visually stunning stories-rich games will form the basis of our first-party company.”

Though this is, naturally, a beautiful feeling, I’m of the opinion that we can safely say that those who love the franchise want evidence. Perhaps it’s time for Sony to showcase what the next few years hold, as I’m convinced that the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2will not be able to keep everyone content for as long.

PlayStation is to keep its focus on “beautiful and rich narrative” games Sony says.
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