Borderlands 4 could be a possibility, as per LinkedIn updates

Borderlands 4 could be a possibility, as per LinkedIn updates.

What could be an extremely well-known typo or essential hint of what’s in store or even a hint of what’s to come, a LinkedIn profile suggests that the user played an active role in the creation of the new installment of Borderlands 4. Borderlands Series: Borderlands 4.. Although there aren’t any recently announced updates to the game or any official release date, the tiny detail may be a sign of something bigger coming shortly.

The official word is not yet out regarding Borderlands 4 even being in the works. However, there have been signs of work being done under the cover of secrecy regarding the game. Randy Pitchford of developers Gearbox Software revealed in 2021 that they were developing “the big one,” which numerous fans speculated about and believed was a reference to Borderlands 4. The new, though tiny, information could mean that it is closer to release and completion than initially thought.

A LinkedIn update could have been able to reveal Borderlands 4

Be sure to take this information with a pinch of salt. However, it is true that the LinkedIn account that Nicolas Rudowski posts is a clear indication that the Environmental Artist worked at Gearbox Entertainment from November of 2021 until April 2023. The only game that was listed during his time there was Borderlands 4. Borderlands 4.

This could also be an unintentional typo, but this seems to be the least likely possibility. The employment records of his former employer are several other titles that have a huge impact, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Phantom Liberty expansion, which is why it’s an off-brand decision to participate in an event of the scale of Borderlands.

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Though this information doesn’t shed any information about the date of release or the announcement of Borderlands 4, it is something to consider for fans. If the artist who created the environment for Borderlands 4 wrapped up the project with Gearbox at the beginning of April this year, Borderlands 4 could have been completed and available for the adoring gamers.

Borderlands 4 could be a possibility, as per LinkedIn updates
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