Mafia 4 taking place outside America and new job listing confirm

Mafia 4 is taking place outside America, and the new job listing confirms

Over the past few days, several job advertisements have been posted online, suggesting that the upcoming Mafia-related game is set outside of America. Following the news published by Reddit, people are now beginning to think about it.

Hangar 13, developer of Mafia 4, is now advertisements for Senior 3D artists focusing specifically on “organic art & landscapes, Unreal engine.” The ad states that the applicant will have to be able to design “assets for a AAA game in a large-scale virtual environment with the focus on organic models.”

The description continues, “He/she defines, develops, and maintains high-end-run game environments and contributes to the new Mafia franchise game.” Therefore, we can see that they’re getting recruited to contribute to the Mafia franchise game.

The most crucial wording of this is “organic models.’ If Mafia 4 were set in the city of the future, there would be less emphasis on the creation of natural 3D models. However, the game may still take place in America. However, it would be away from the cities of the mafia’s history. Fans of the game have speculated that this could be a prequel in Sicily and depicts how the mafia has grown.

A comment suggests that the game may have been played in “the mafia’s dog days when they were ruthlessly hunted by a troop of elite soldiers on orders of Benito Mussolini.”

You should take the list with a grain of sand. Based on the date, Mafia 4 could still take place in the US and will likely depict the early days of the grassroots of the mafia before moving to a city-based location. It’s also worth noting that each of Mafia 4 and Mafia 5 were announced earlier, and there’s a good chance Hangar 13 is hiring for the 5th game.

If it does not, it is at least transparent that we know that Mafia 4 is being developed, and we may get footage in the near too distant future.

Mafia 4 taking place outside America and new job listing confirm
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