Does Endless Dungeon Affirm Crossplay?

Does Endless Dungeon Affirm Crossplay?

Does Endless Dungeon Affirm Crossplay?

Endless Dungeon offers us an action-packed rogue-lite experience that incorporates elements of twin-stick shooting games and tower defense into its quest for endless replayability. If you plan to explore its depths with friends, crossplay may be of particular interest – this page lists possible launch dates of such feature(s).

Endless Dungeon cross-platform support would be a boon for those hoping to take on enemy waves alongside human players online. While it does feature a solo mode, its dynamics differ significantly from its online equivalent – not simply due to a lack of social aspect.

Endless Dungeon Crossplay Support Available.

Unfortunately, Endless Dungeon doesn’t appear to feature crossplay support at its launch; Steam does not even mention this feature, and we may rely on allies using similar platforms if we plan to play online at launch.

Endless Dungeon crossplay support will not be available upon launch. Official confirmation has also been provided regarding Endless Dungeon’s lack of crossplay compatibility at launch.

“Currently, there will not be crossplay between different consoles (you may do PC-eggs, PS4-PS5, or xBoS series),” read a January 2023 Steam post by one of the development team’s members. They prefer not to commit whether this feature can be implemented later.

According to reports, it seems likely that we may wait some time before seeing this feature fully implemented; therefore, it would be prudent for your squad to purchase their title together on one platform.

Assuring limited cross-storefront and generation capabilities is definitely helpful; however, some players had anticipated something better in terms of customer experience and loyalty.

But whether or not Endless Dungeon will eventually offer cross-platform support remains unknown; we hope so, as its twin-stick shooter shenanigans are best experienced with other players!

At present, this is all we know about Endless Dungeon crossplay support. For more on Amplitude Studios’ latest endeavor, read our review to understand our thoughts after playing through multiple runs in its solo mode.

Does Endless Dungeon Affirm Crossplay?
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