PS5 Slim Date of Release Spider-Man 2 Bundle leaked

PS5 Slim Date of Release Spider-Man 2 Bundle leaked

PS5 Slim Date of Release Spider-Man 2 Bundle leaked


The week before, Sony revealed their plans to overhaul the base version of the PS5 by introducing it called the PS5 Slim which would dramatically diminutive the weight and size of the console, which is admittedly hefty. Sony did not announce a specific date for when the new models will be, other than the fact that they will start being released in the US in November. All of the world coming in after.

According to the leak revealed by Billbil-kun from Dealabs, various Japanese retailers are now selling their PS5 Slim, with a time frame of October 10 and 2023. In addition, there’s evidence that in the United States, Sony is working on an offer that includes the PS5 Slim and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, all for $559.99.

Though leaks and information such as this are usually considered with a pinch of salt, billable-kun has been regarded among the top reliable PlayStation newscasters and is often the first one to report the details of what PlayStation Plus games are being released every month. With this kind of history, PS5 Slim models will likely be coming out around the 10th across the US as well as Japan.

For those living in different markets that aren’t in the US, like Europe, South America, and different places, we do not have a specific launch date. We hope that we will see the PS5 Slim released around the globe sooner rather than later. Also, keep the fingers and toes waiting for it not to be the same hassle to acquire as the PS5’s original PS5.

PS5 Slim Date of Release Spider-Man 2 Bundle leaked
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