PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed.

PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed.

PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed.


Return to Moria was due for release this week on PlayStation 5, however due to technical problems it has been postponed until further notice.

Although PC seems on track for its original release date of 24 October, its timed exclusive window on PS5 now starts 5 December; originally planned as physical release date but it seems digital is now delayed as well.

Free Range Games’ new Lord of the Rings-themed videogame released by North Beach Games offers fully customisable dwarf clans within an environment defined by your crafting efforts and Lord of the Rings lore.

Developers claim there will be an in-depth character creation system featuring everything from beards to scars, personality to voice – making this game ideal for Lord of the Rings fans.

Return to Moria takes place during the fourth age of Middle-Earth and features procedurally generated realms for “no two adventures will ever be alike”. Players can either enjoy solo play or team competition and the game features lots of mining – as you would expect for any game featuring dwarf-related content! Players will need to navigate “treacherous mines”, craft items while monitoring food, drink, sleep and temperature to stay alive throughout their survival experience!

From early details of this game, it appears fans will find themselves immersed in Middle-Earth; possibly literally. Part of their role will include harvesting materials from mountains across Middle-Earth.

Xbox fans need not fear. This title will also feature mining in Middle-Earth!

PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed.
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