Developer of Simpsons Hit And Run wants a remake

Developer of Simpsons Hit And Run wants a remake

Developer of Simpsons Hit And Run wants a remake


My go-to game on PlayStation 2 is The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Since I was so young when first playing this game as a child, it may not have been completed – instead choosing instead to treat it more as driving sim than anything else after the initial easy levels – though certainly acceptable at that age… right? Happily though, after retrieving my PlayStation 2 from its loft I revisited it recently – with just as much joy yet even more clunkiness compared to when first played! Fans are longing for some sort of official or fan remake; an open world fan remake exists already as well! And you will be delighted by news from its designer that is willingly considering producing one!

GamesRadar recently met up with Hit & Run’s lead game designer Joe McGinn who shared with them, “Hit & Run is still the highest rated Simpsons game ever created, according to Metacritic – something which I am both surprised and pleased by – I gave a talk recently at some high school kids about my computer science career; when giving this lecture they admitted having played Hit & Run when it had come out!”

McGinn was asked directly if a remake could come about and explained that while he couldn’t predict its likelihood, he’d love for that to occur – wouldn’t we all?

McGinn shared with publishers how Hit & Run was first pitched with the phrase, “GTA for kids”, an accurate description for any person familiar with its gameplay. We can only hope a remake comes along some day soon!

Developer of Simpsons Hit And Run wants a remake
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