Fallout 4 receives huge expansion to New Vegas map

Fallout 4 receives huge expansion to New Vegas map

Fallout 4 receives huge expansion to New Vegas map


As much as I love Fallout 4, New Vegas remains my go-to game in this long-running series. While officially impossible, one modder managed to combine both versions into one by including New Vegas maps into Fallout 4.

Fallout modding community works tirelessly, offering players new experiences within Miami or revisited incarnations, or ending Fallout 4 within five minutes! Not to leave anything undone, one modder decided to combine Fallout: New Vegas map with Fallout 4. This creates the ultimate Fallout game experience.

“FNV to FO4,” as its title indicates, converts all objects and worldspace from Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4, without changing NPCs, equippable armour/weapons/quests or scripts – giving a New Vegas feel while keeping all aspects of Fallout’s narrative intact – meaning all you need for installation are owning all relevant Bethesda games!

Since Mojave Wasteland is now open to exploration in Fallout 76, fans are eager to revisit what many consider one of its finest entries in this long-running series. While you will only be able to explore rather than interact with its maps directly, players remain hopeful as its mod’s creator has hinted improvements might come down the pipeline in future updates.

Unfortunately, this mod is only available on PC; console users won’t get to experience all the refinement found in Fallout: New Vegas with all its grandeur like in Fallout 4. But with reports suggesting Fallout 5 won’t arrive until at least 2030 we will certainly appreciate everything we get now!

Fallout 4 receives huge expansion to New Vegas map
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