Marvel's Spider-Man 2 free download leaves fans furious

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 free download leaves fans furious

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 free download leaves fans furious


No doubt can be taken that not every suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is great; though some standout pieces such as Amazing Spider-Man 2 spandex or Miles Morales’ iconic threads cannot fail to please.

Unfortunately, one suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that is almost universally disliked stands out among PlayStation exclusive titles: Miles is forced into wearing this costume before meeting Venom for their final showdown and this news should come as no great shocker!

I find the costume worn by Miles absolutely appalling; its aesthetic is unappealing and universally disliked compared to his more classic garments. On top of it all, Insomniac may well have felt forced into including this as part of some marketing campaign; unfortunately it seems likely.

Why am I telling you all this information? To provide context as to why fans have taken offense at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s free download offer.

PlayStation announced on Twitter that anyone completing the storyline of The Last Guardian would receive a digital collectible adidas shoe as their reward, ironically the one which inspired Miles’ horrid endgame suit and has garnered much criticism amongst fans. Needless to say, their fans may not be pleased.

One user on Twitter suggested: “Hope you’ve given some of that advertising money from Adidas back to developers!”

One fan posted: “Can an advertisement really become collectibles?” Another agreed, writing in to clarify his comments further:

On a scale of incentives for beating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, offering fans a sneaker advert is right up there with promising them pictures from Wilson Fisk’s colonoscopy procedure.

Not to be overlooked is that beating this game should simply be about watching one of Spider-Man’s great stories come full circle – even if Miles’ suit is truly terrible!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 free download leaves fans furious
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