Fallout meets Dying Light in an all-out open world RPG

Fallout meets Dying Light in an all-out open world RPG

Fallout meets Dying Light in an all-out open world RPG


Are open-world RPGs your go-to genre, often choosing them over other genres like sci-fi or comedy? If that is the case for you, keep up-to-date on news of an upcoming RPG that can best be described as Fallout meets Dying Light.

Imagine decayed creatures prowling your landscape as you traverse it, fighting over dominance with factions from various groups as all eyes turn towards you, while all this action transpires around you – that’s the experience Pioner offers its players from GFA Games’ new MMORPG developer with no previous games under its name – yet even without much competition, what we have seen so far of it looks impressive.

Pioner is all about survival, as its website and gameplay demonstrate. Finding weapons will play an integral part of survival; I see similarities with Fallout and Dying Light here but also see it more like The Witcher without its magic elements.

Pioner makes use of Unreal Engine 5 like many new games do – from official titles such as GTA IV remaster to fan-made concepts like the stunning GTA IV Remake remake remaster remaster. Even if story-driven missions do not meet all your criteria, we would expect that its graphics would pique your interest: They look solid, crisp and realistic enough. Plus it sounds like it has an engaging soundtrack, making this title another potential winner in our book.

GFA Games currently does not have an exact release date set for Pioner; all that we know for certain is its release is targeted for 2023. With less than six months left until we welcome in 2023, GFA Games must move quickly if it wants the game out on time; otherwise this would mark its second delay since Tencent acquired some shares in GFA Games back in 2022 and consequently delayed it by further two years.

Fallout meets Dying Light in an all-out open world RPG
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