Street Fighter 6 tournament halted by Just Stop Oil protestors

Street Fighter 6 tournament halted by Just Stop Oil protestors

Street Fighter 6 tournament halted by Just Stop Oil protestors


The Street Fighter 6 event was halted after a group of Just Stop Oil activists threw paint onto the computer of the players.

The well-loved Capcom combat game series Street Fighter recently received its new major instalment, Street Fighter 6. It’s been called a fantastic expansion to the series with improved combat and a game that is accessible for those who are new to the series, but keeping the challenging gameplay it’s recognized for.

In this way, it’s the preferred sport to play in a range of informal and professional events that are better than others. But one of these tournaments that took place just recently was cut short by one of its most crucial events.

The best Street Fighter pros went head-to-head in 2023’s Capcom Pro Tour, which just took place in Paris, France. After a spirited Grand Final match between the twice-crowned Capcom Cup champ MenaRD and Chris Wong, the Hong Kong pro-Chris Wong A group of spectators ran onto the arena and overpainted the monitors of the players’ screens with the colour of orange.

Security swiftly followed them and led the players off stage, however, the damage was already in place. Two of the players were required to abandon their set-ups and walk backstage, as the crew at the venue worked to bring the event back in order, much to the dismay of broadcasters.

“What was the cause? … I’d like to know more,” said one commentator after which they eventually completed and were able to describe the incident to livestream viewers. “Everyone’s safe, no one has been harmed … An incident occurred, and the team has handled it swiftly and quickly.”

The story quickly went viral via social media platforms that those responsible were part of those who were part of the Just Stop Oil movement, even though they were disciplined for causing disturbance, they were made to understand that they were peaceful and did not pose any threat to anyone who was involved.

Following a short break and clearing up, the competition may resume and end with a decisive victory by Chris Wong in a final game that viewers will likely be able to forget.

Street Fighter 6 tournament halted by Just Stop Oil protestors
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