Hogwarts Legacy players explore "frustrating" quests

Hogwarts Legacy players explore “frustrating” quests

Hogwarts Legacy players explore “frustrating” quests


After almost an entire year since Hogwarts Legacy made its first release to console and PC platforms, Nintendo Switch users are finally diving in on its fun; but once discovering an “anger inducing” quest they might regret their choice to join in the fun.

Hogwarts Legacy finally made its Nintendo Switch debut this November and new players are exploring Hogwarts and its surroundings with gusto! Although its presence was unceremoniously overlooked during The Game Awards nominations – leaving some players furious – it remains one of Avalanche Studios’ key points this gaming year.

Since Hogwarts Legacy is officially available across multiple major platforms, some players question its inclusion on Nintendo Switch due to a “significant degradation in quality”. Yet those enjoying playing their time on handheld soon found themselves faced with Charlotte Morrison’s treachery in a quest that challenges you with this challenger of old!

“There are no words for how much I detest this character”, posted one user to r/HarryPotterGame. “Losing to Charlotte Morrison repeatedly in Summoner’s Court is so infuriating I had to step away and take a break; then eventually got lucky and knocked her ball below 50, taking great delight in showing my displeasure with her!”

This quest challenges players with completing Hogwarts Legacy side activity known as Summoner’s Court. This activity comprises five separate matches against five distinct characters with increasing difficulties; at match four you meet Charlotte Morrison who some consider one of the toughest bosses of them all!

With PC and console players feeling intimidated by new Switch players, many tips and tricks exist online for how to best Charlotte as well as your other four opponents – beating Charlotte will yield both experience and cosmetic rewards! So take control now!

Hogwarts Legacy players explore “frustrating” quests
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