Baldur's Gate 3 devs provide Xbox release date update

Baldur’s Gate 3 devs provide Xbox release date update

Baldur’s Gate 3 devs provide Xbox release date update


Xbox users have long anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3, released initially for PC and PlayStation back in August and September respectively, to arrive on Xbox platforms as well. Thanks to Larian Studios’s most recent update, those waiting may soon no longer need to wait long!

Baldur’s Gate 3 had initially been scheduled to release simultaneously with PlayStation’s launch on Xbox Series X/S; however, due to technical issues related to split-screen functionality it has since been postponed. Larian Studios confirmed it will still come to Xbox with some adjustments as part of a revised plan for release.

At the beginning of November, Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke stated, “Recent Xbox News – Actively playtesting; on schedule for release this year”. We will announce an exact release date as soon as we’re certain it’s done!

Xbox players might receive an update during this year’s The Game Awards taking place on 7 December, which makes sense as Baldur’s Gate 3 has received eight nominations at these coveted ceremonies: Game Direction, Narrative, Score/Music Performance for Neil Newbon’s performance as Best Performer Neil Newbon Best Community Support Best RPG Best Multiplayer plus winning Game of the Year coveted Gamer Of The Year

At present, Baldur’s Gate 3 remains on schedule to arrive for Xbox Series X/S by 2023; however, fans fear time is ticking away without an official release date set yet. After its success at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards and other major gaming conventions such as E3 2018, all platforms want a piece of this action-RPG title and hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Recently, speedruns for Baldur’s Gate 3 hit an unexpected roadblock due to an update. Yes, that is correct: speedrunning was temporarily disabled by an update affecting this game!

Baldur’s Gate 3 devs provide Xbox release date update
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