Hogwarts Legacy shouldn't have come out for Nintendo Switch

Hogwarts Legacy shouldn’t have come out for Nintendo Switch

Hogwarts Legacy shouldn’t have come out for Nintendo Switch


Hogwarts Legacy reignited debate about whether large games should be released on Switch, further fuelling this ongoing dialogue.

Hogwarts Legacy may have become the number-one selling new game of 2023, yet that doesn’t guarantee an enjoyable gaming experience across platforms. By being so accessible to so many, its limitations were exposed in stark relief by unforgiving gamers across platforms.

Switch players have reported difficulty exploring open world environments compared to PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions, leading some fans to create Reddit threads stating definitively that Half Life should have avoided enrollment on Switch altogether.

DrunkBreadGuy posted in one Reddit thread that the Switch version lost much of its charm; exploring Hogwarts and its environs just isn’t quite the same experience.” However, considering other games have managed to retain all their atmosphere such as The Witcher 3, Skyrim or RDR on Switch it shows just what incredible feats can be accomplished using such devices; unfortunately however, not so with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Return. In comparison there has been an obvious and marked decrease in quality when compared to its counterpart.

On another thread, one gamer began their response by declaring they didn’t want to be “that guy”, before detailing their experience playing Harry Potter Legacy on Switch instead of PC and how this should never have been released if this is their best efforts – which it certainly wasn’t; their eyes become blurry/grainy after some playing time and hurt my eyes after an extended session.” They further expressed surprise and shock over how positive reviews have been thus far for Switch compared with PC versions.

Hogwarts Legacy fans’ dissension over Game Awards nominations has only deepened. One streamer went so far as to go on an angry tirade which many others shared – both as an agreement and amusement from both camps – but if the game truly is as poor as Switch players claim then Hogwarts Legacy should definitely lose House in nominations for GOTY awards.

Hogwarts Legacy shouldn’t have come out for Nintendo Switch
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